1900-1949 Paintings

Jean Dufy
French, 1888-1964
L’Oree du Bois
Oil on canvas
31 ¾ in. by 251/2", framed 43 in. by 37 in.

Literature: Bailly, Jacques. Catalogue Raisonne of Jean Dufy's Work, vol. 2. Paris: Editions Jacques Bailly, 2010, p. 164, no. B 922.

Inventory Number: Art D265
Jean Dufy
French, 1888-1964
Oil on canvas
16 x 9.50 ins / 40.75 x 24.25 cm

Voiliersis an incredibly expressive nautical scene by Jean Dufy who was known for his depictions of leisurely social activities of the French bourgeoisie. Dufy was strongly influenced by the musical figures that surrounded him, especially in Paris. The expressiveness of Voiliers, recalls the music that Dufy would have heard in the cafés of Paris- a culture Dufy was very much a part of. The strong vertical brushstrokes in Voiliersconveys the sense of movement associated with jazz and also recalls the fluid motion of waves. The title itself, ‘Voiliers’refers to the specific type of boats depicted in this painting; the name of which is derived for the French word for sail or veil. The boats were previously mercantile ships but during Dufy’s lifestyle they were used as leisure boats, as seen by the graphic figures in the foreground.

Accompanied by a certificate from Jacques Bailly (December, 2007);

Jean-Jacques Bailly has included this painting in his Volume II of the Jean Dufy catalogue raisonné, 2010 

Inventory Number: Art D266
Arthur W. Woelfle
American, 1873-1936
Sailing Boats
Oil on canvas
18 x 22 in. W/frame 22 x 26 in.

Inventory Number: Art W23
Frank Will
French 1900-1950
Place de la Madeleine
Watercolor on paper
18 by 21 in. w/frame 25 by 27 in.

Inventory Number: Art W15
Aime Victor Barraud
Swiss, 1902 – 1954
Still life with Flowers in Ceramic Jug
Oil on canvas
20 by 20 in. Wframe 26 ½ by 26 ½ in.

Inventory Number: Art B208
George Elmer Browne
American, 1871-1946
Before the Rehearsal
Oil on panel
14 by 14 in. W/frame 19 by 19 in.

Inventory Number: Art B209
Edna Ellis Baylor
American 1882-1942
An Impressionist Still Life
Oil on board
10 by 12 in. W/frame 12 by 14 in.

Inventory Number: Art B3
Achille-Emile Othon Friesz
French, 1879-1949
Falaise, Calvados France
Oil on canvas
21 ¾ by 29 in. W/france 31 ¾ by 39 in.

Inventory Number: Art F450
Borge Ball
Danish, 1906-1979
Oil on canvas
24 by 36 in. w/frame 31 1/2 by 43 3/4 in.

Inventory Number: Art B409
Louis Aston Knight
New York/California/France, 1873-1948
Twilight along the River Bend
Oil on canvas
26 by 32 in. W/frame 35 by 41 in.

Inventory Number: Art K48