Styles Paintings

Philippa Mary Faulkner
Canadian, 1917-2001
Abstract Composition
Oil on board
30 ½ by 24 ½ in. W/frame 38 by 32 in.

Inventory Number: Art F463
William Nichols
American,  Born 1942
Flowering Garden
Oil on canvas
Flowering Garden

Inventory Number: Art N47
Tadashi Asoma
Japanese, B.1923
Bloom Along the Boughs
Oil on canvas
50 by 60 in. W/frame 51 by 61 in.

Inventory Number: Art A215
Gabriel Godard
French, Born 1933
Paysage au Bord de la Riviere
Oil on canvas
39 ½ by 39 ½ in.

Inventory Number: Art G240
Charles Levier
French, 1920-2004
A Vase of Flowers
Oil on canvas
40 by 30 in. w/frame 48 by 38 in.

Inventory Number: Art L42
Sam Kaner
American, 1924-1990
Oil on canvas
32 by 48 in. W/frame 33 by 49 in.

Inventory Number: Art K51
Huib Van Vugt
Dutch, 1923-2008
Green Apples
Oil on canvas
31 by 39 in. W/frame 33 by 41 in.

Inventory Number: Art V60
Frédéric François Menguy
Apres le Bain
Oil on canvas
25-1/2" x 36-1/4" Frame measures 32" x 42-1/2"

Inventory Number: Art M87
Jean Dufy
French, 1888-1964
L’Oree du Bois
Oil on canvas
31 ¾ in. by 251/2", framed 43 in. by 37 in.

Literature: Bailly, Jacques. Catalogue Raisonne of Jean Dufy's Work, vol. 2. Paris: Editions Jacques Bailly, 2010, p. 164, no. B 922.

Inventory Number: Art D265
Jean Beraud
French, 1849-1935
Une Parisienne
Oil on canvas
21.9 x 15.2 ins / 55.5 x 38.5 cms

Une Parisienne is a prime example of Béraud’s work; a vivid, elegant portrait of a Parisian society lady from the Belle Époque. His use of browns, greys and blacks make the smiling subject seem alive, as if the sitter were about to step out of the painting to meet the viewer. Béraud has purposefully chosen to paint the woman against a plain backdrop to show the finery of her attire such as the velvet of her jacket and the chiffon of her collar and cuffs. This colour combination recalls the more formal training that Béraud undertook however the bold, firm brushstrokes create a bridge between traditional genre paintings and those of the Impressionists, who were only just emerging when Béraud was painting.

Jean Béraud was an important French painter who was most famed for his paintings of Parisian life during the Belle Époque. During this pre-war period of peace and prosperity Beraud was highly regarded in Parisian society, initially due to the numerous genre paintings he produced.

Béraud was born in St. Petersburg and initially trained in law before the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian was in 1870 and the occupation of Paris.

When Béraud began his artistic career he exhibited his works at the Salon, doing so for the first time in 1872 when he was a student of Léon Bonnat. However, his work did not gain serious recognition until 1876, when he produced a genre painting entitled, ‘On the Way Back from the Funeral’.

Notably, this was after the first exhibition of the Impressionists at the Salon des Indépendants in 1874 and as a result, his work is somewhere in the midst of the impressionistic scenes of everyday life and the more academic art of the salon.

Much of his work would contain some sort of mockery of Parisian life at the turn of the century.

Béraud was a very popular artist during his lifetime, however his work was completely ignored by art historians of the period.


‘Jean Béraud 1849- 1935- The Belle Époque: A Dream of Times Gone By’ catalogue raisonné by Patrick Offenstadt; Page 290, Illustration no. 397

Inventory Number: Art B210